Here, you’ll see two interesting twitter-based campaign which brands smartly use ‘free’ TV media coverage when they have audience in the crowd doing analog tweets in major entertainment or sports event. No doubt, when URL meets IRL, the combination of online and offline world will turn to another scene.


Twitter goes analog.

To kick off ESPN’s annual X Games at the Staples Center in L.A., Wieden + Kennedy New York have gone analog with Twitter. X Games fans can tweet their messages to athletes with the hashtag #humantwitter, some of which will then appear in-game during the Moto X events, via a group of human updaters in the audience. Fans can follow the action via @xgames. Photographers will also take shots all the messages, which will then be retweeted to their senders.

为了打响ESPN在洛杉矶的X Games年度赛事的第一炮,纽约W+K运用Twitter开展了一个一个运动。X Games的粉丝们可以使用#humantwitter的关键字给运动员传递信息,这些信息将随后出现摩托X赛事的现场,通过现场观众的不断更新。粉丝可以跟踪赛事情况通过@xgames的关键字。摄影师也将会把所有的这些信息拍摄下来,随后将被再次转发到发信者那里。

Pudding Face hits the streets.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky extends the Jell-O Pudding Mood Meter campaign with this New York billboard whose big face lights up, or goes into a frown depending on the mood of the country.

The agency monitored Twitter for two months and found that the global Twitter average for smiles was 1200 a minute, while for frowns it was 800 minute. With that as a mean, the agency programmed the billboard to check in to Twitter every seven seconds for smiley faces and sad faces and adjust the Pudding Face accordingly. When the world is feeling bluer than the norm, Jell-O searches for the frownies and rewards them with redemption links for free pudding–because who doesn’t smile after eating pudding? The success of the campaign will be determined by whether Pudding Face stays out of the grumpy zone.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky将Jell-O Pudding Mood Meter的运动做了一个延续。在纽约的大看板上将会出现一张硕大的脸,高兴或者皱眉都将依据全国的心情来变化。


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